picture of Sarah Evans on green background

Dr. Sarah A. Evans

Presidential Early Career Professor

Faculty Senator

Director, Children's and Young Adult Librarianship

Co-Director, Multiple Literacies Lab

Standing Committee Member, Libraries for Children and Young Adults Section, International Federation of Library Association and Institutions

Research Focus

I examine voluntary learning experiences that occur across time, in various settings, and within cultures. I seek to understand the narratives and experiences that forge a path to becoming. I work at the intersection of learning, literacies, and identities. My primary method is qualitative, examining learning contexts and learners from a sociocultural historical viewpoint.

There are three goals to my research. First, I seek to examine lesser-known learning pathways that can contribute to a richer theory of learning. Second, I want to identify and amplify voices previously marginalized in the social sciences. Third, I desire to disrupt normative narratives about success and knowledge in our society.


Office: Discovery Park E295C
Phone: 940-369-8102
Email: Sarah.Evans@unt.edu